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Singapore’s leading restaurant chain, TungLok Group is upping the ante on its food offerings once more, this time with an exciting collaboration with local veteran actor Li Nanxing. Come celebrate with the stars as TungLok Group and Li Nanxing presents Bold Creations – a showcase of 7 exciting new dishes! 


In its first collaboration with the star, it is releasing a series of specialty dishes across restaurants including TungLok Seafood, Lao Beijing, TungLok Signatures, TungLok Heen, Tóng Lè Private Dining and Dancing Crab, that put front and centre Li Nanxing’s signature Dried Scallop Hae Bee Hiam sauce. The sauce is cooked into new iterations of seafood dishes, each still prepared with TungLok’s attention to detail.

A marriage of sweet seafood and fragrant LNX Dried Scallop Hae Bee Hiam

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