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Veteran actor Li Nanxing has been perfecting his pie recipes for the past three months, tasting up to 10 pies a day.  

After months of painstaking research and development, Li Nanxing has launched his own series of Heat & Serve pies and dishes on 8 August 2021. The three favourites are Beef Rendang, Chicken Rendang and Assam fish, all of which he learnt from his Peranakan mother.

Bound to remind you of your loved ones’ cooking, each pie evokes a taste of nostalgia and brings comfort. Each filling is encased within a buttery and flaky crust. Able to fill the bellies of one to two persons, each pie makes a quick, fuss-free meal!

For the busy ones who are looking for a quick and healthy meal, Li Nanxing has introduced two delectable flavours of ready-to-eat packs - Beef Rendang and Chicken Rendang - which you can readily heat and serve. An original recipe from his late mother, the rendangs most appetizing when served with piping hot rice. One would say that they are sweet, savoury and spicy, all-in-one.

beef rendang.jpg

Beef Rendang Pie

chicken rendeng.jpg

Chicken Rendang Pie

assam fish.jpg

Assam Fish Pie





236463249_1276048602845125_1572768376386169840_n copy.jpg

Chicken Rendang


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